Understanding Basic Blackjack Strategies

Ask any pro gambler which the best casino games are and they’ll inevitably say Poker and Blackjack. Of all the most commonly played casino games Poker and Blackjack are the most skill based, allowing professionals to potentially earn consistent profits. In this case let’s talk about Blackjack.

Based around simple, straightforward rules Blackjack is immediately engaging. Just about anyone can start playing and have fun. But, those that understand the game on a deeper level can win more consistently. To put it another way; Blackjack is perhaps the ultimate ‘easy to learn difficult to master’ casino game.

Here are some basic pointers to help a newcomer step up their skills.

Know The Real Goal

What is the goal of Blackjack? To get as close to 21 as possible, right? Wrong. The goal is to get closer to 21 than the house. Many newcomers focus on pushing their hand as high as possible, taking many unnecessary risks. But here is a simple fact that will immediately make the game more digestible; if the player stands on 14 and the house goes bust, 14 is a winning hand.

The house is generally required, by the rules of the online gambling casino, to hit on a hand until at least 17 shows. This means it is often better to simply stand and allow the house to go bust.

When To Hit

Knowing when to hit, and when to stand, is by no means an easy conundrum. Entire books are written on the topic, with numerous factors to take into account. There are, however, simple rules of thumb that give insight.

The key to the decision is the face up card of the house. If the face up card is low, between 2 and 6, the chances are reduced that the house will achieve a decent hand. In this case it is safer to stand on a lower total. If the house’s face up card is higher, between 7 and 10, it may be better to risk asking for another card.

This does all depend on the player’s hand as well, of course, but the same principals always apply.

Double Up

Some newbie players aren’t even aware that the option to Double Up exists. The option does exist, and is key to playing Blackjack to its maximum potential. Double Up works as follows.

If having not already asked for a card the player can decide to Double Up, meaning that another single card will be dealt, and the current bet doubled. Whatever the additional card is marks the end of the round, with it no longer possible to ask for more cards.

Most pro players will ask for a Double Up if their total is 10 or 11. With 10 or 11 the chances are good that no matter what the next card dealt is that the hand will at least be competitive.

Play Smart

Lastly, of course, it is always best to play real money Blackjack slowly and deliberately. Every hand is important, and every decision crucial. Gambling should always be done with the brain and never the heart.

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