When we think of disability sports, we often associate them to the Paralympics since this is the largest sporting event. People with disabilities do not need to be the next best Paralympian to enjoy playing sports. Individuals can still participate in sports for recreational purposes and to keep fit. Here are some of the most popular sports for people with disabilities.

Sitting Volleyball

Sitting volleyball is popular due its fast-paced nature and the excitement players get to feel while playing. At club levels, the game offers disabled and non-disabled players a chance to compete with as well as against one another. Sitting volleyball can be played with regular rules or with some modifications to accommodate the needs of the players.

For example, any number of hits can be allowed to have the ball over the net. The same player may hit the ball several times successively, and additional taps of the ball by the serving team can be accepted to get the ball over the net.

Frame Football

Frame Football was initially launched in 2013 and allows people with disabilities to enjoy the most loved sport in the world. Frame football is played by utilizing walking aids such as frames to participate in a format of football that is tailored to their needs. Frame football is typically played on grass but can also be played in a sports hall or an artificial turf depending on preference.


There are a number of opportunities available for riders who want to become involved in the sport at a recreational level, or even those who aspire to compete in para-cycling at an elite or international level. For those interested in partaking in cycling for the first time, there are various disability hubs across the world to join. These hubs offer disability cycling sessions focused on developing rider’s techniques, fitness, and confidence levels.

There are bike companies that provide bikes that can be utilized for any type of individual. The bikes are designed to also accommodate the needs of individuals with different types of disabilities too. These bikes can further be customized and adjusted to match the unique requirements of each rider.

Table Tennis

Table tennis can be played at a local, national, international, and Paralympic levels by people with disabilities ranging from physical impairments, visual or hearing impairments and learning disabilities. Para table tennis is a form of disabled sports that follows the rules set by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF). The standard table tennis rules are in effect, however, they do have some modifications to accommodate disabled athletes.


Swimming is an excellent way for anyone with a disability to increase their activity level. Water can support different body weights and types, and it also offers extra resistance to work against. Swimming is especially good for maintaining the strength of muscles in people’s shoulders, arms, chest and back strong, while also developing a healthy stamina.

Just like there are a number of Bingo Canada games, there are many disabled swimming clubs that specialize in training swimmers with disabilities. If swimming is a passion of yours, you can join a club that will offer introductory sessions and teach you how to swim or train you to compete competitively.

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