More Details about iPad Boule Casino Game

iPad Boule is now available to bring this classic French roulette variant to a wider global audience. It is essentially a simplified form of standard roulette. The trade off for the simplified game style is a higher house edge. It is played with a roulette style wheel and numbered pockets that are coloured with red, yellow and black pockets. It can be played for free online with real or free money.

Playing iPad Boule on the Go

iPad Boule is the ideal game to play on the go. Compared to standard roulette, it is a lot simpler to understand and therefore wager. The iPad display always look great and the simple and colourful graphics of iPad Boule really pop on the screen. Real money wagering takes mobile play to the next level, adding all the fun and excitement that you will encounter at a real world casino, but in the comfort of your home, or during a lunch break at the office. If you are tired of standard roulette and want a fresh but familiar casino experience, iPad Boule is the game for you. It is available online now for free and you can try it out using free money wagers. Once you are used to the game style, you can start playing for real money.

The Rules of iPad Boule

In iPad Boule, just like in standard roulette, players place wagers on a game mat divided into grids that contain all the possible wagers. A ball is spin along a spinning roulette wheel. If the ball lands in a pocket that was wagered on, players win a payout. Wagers can be placed on specific number, or groups of numbers like odd numbers or even numbers.

Players can also wager on groups of numbers by wagering on their specific colours, for instance red or yellow numbers. Wagers can also be placed on consecutive number or high and low numbers. The main difference between iPad Boule and standard roulette is that only the numbers 1 to 9 appear on the wheel, but four times. Another difference is that the yellow 5 acts like the zero or double zero in the European and American roulette games. This is where the house edge increases, since the 5 also appears 4 times like the other numbers.

Where to Play iPad Boule

When choosing a site to play casino slots on, players should first and foremost look for sites that have a good name online and offer reputable software. The site should also offer players a list of reputable e payment options in order to safely make cash deposits and withdrawals when they decide to make use of real money wagering. Reputable e payment services include Skrill, PaySafe, Neteller and PayPal.

Wagering Real Cash on iPad Boule

iPad Boule becomes a lot more fun when real money wagering is involved. Always do the necessary research before creating a player account at a site and starting real money wagering. Your chosen site should always carry a certification from a recognised gaming authority. The site should also offer customer support and ideally instant chat functionality so that problems can be reported immediately. It is never fun dealing with money issues at online sites and being able to call, email and instant message makes these difficult experiences a lot more pleasant.

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