Cops ‘N Robbers Online Slot Details

Good and evil, right and wrong or Cops N Robbers like the title of this online slot game, are the standards of moral juxtaposition that humanity as a whole and even on the individual level must confront on a regular basis. As the theme of an online slot game this sort of debacle paints quite a picture and with the graphics that developers Play’n Go have included in the game there are a few aspects to provide a rather solid impression on just what this slot is all about. Essentially players will be playing the part of the law in this slot game and it then becomes their task to track down the criminals and all their stolen goods on the reels.

Stolen goods and a thrilling chase is what this Cops N Robbers slot theme is all about but in order for this to be able to play out the game itself needs some structure. This structure comes in the form of the 5 reels on the screen and the 9 simple pay lines across these reels to scoop up any of the combinations ultimately scored on said reels. Alongside this is the setup options which include a degree of betting for the players to be able to mix up the action a little. There are also a few bonuses to rev up the engine of this Cops N Robbers online slot experience, coming in the forms of Wilds and free spins.

The Moral Battle on the Reels Involved

The scenario playing out on the reels of this Cops N Robbers from Play’n Go is one that has been around for pretty much the length of civilisation, which is to say the act of instilling a justice and order system upon those that look to cause damage or hard to the people involved in said society. With the theme in this online slot game the moral juxtaposition listed takes place in a more modern day setting, with the native style being that of the USA in terms of law enforcement and referenced aspects. Overall though the graphics of the game are decent and coupled with the overall theme and the symbols on the reels of this Cops N Robbers slot game there is a fair bit to behold.

On the thematic side of symbols and how they play out on the reels of this slot game, these icons all relate to the theme in question and include various different symbols like handcuffs, diamonds and other such stolen loot and of course the end result for those that take from others, the bars to a prison. All in all these make the reels of this Cops N Robbers slot game look appealing and connect to the theme of the game.

Classic List of Slot Bonus Features Included

There are a fair number of different kinds of bonus features for the slot gaming industry and the ones included in this Cops N Robbers online slot game from Play’n Go are the more textbook resulting ones. Like slots in Canada online at, this includes a few bonus symbols like Wilds and more as well as a free spins feature which gets rather involved with the theme style as well. Overall these bonuses do make a notable different on the gameplay.

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