Betting On Motivation In The NFL

The NFL is a fantastic market to bet on. Due to the millions of followers of the sport, games are widely covered and televised, which translates to enormous amounts of available data for punters.

There’s much more to consider than just the numbers, i.e., the touchdowns, safeties, and field goals that so often add points to the scoreboard.

Psychological factors, too, play a huge role in terms of the outcome of a game. And oftentimes, psychology will far outweigh quickness and physical strength. When making a bet, all of these factors must be taken carefully into consideration.


Consistency, too, is important. By referring to this, we mean the motivation and levels of talent that make up the team at any given time.

But when thinking consistency within the context of motivation, it is vital to think in terms of the bigger picture – the overall consistency. A good way to create a balance in this regard is to give each of the two teams playing a rating for relative strength. This is the opposite of getting swept along by the hype of a bizarrely strong performance on a particular weekend.

The Thing About Motivation

Of all the factors affecting the outcomes of games, there probably is no greater consideration than motivation.

Motivation is something that causes a player or team to act in a specific way, or do so something that can be regarded as “above and beyond”.

But not unlike most emotions, motivation won’t always be logical or predictable. This is why it’s so important to become aware of what could set it off in the first place.

Even something like an opposing player being a “big talker” can set the wheels of motivation in motion.


Coaches and motivation go hand-in-hand. After all, motivating their team is a key function of the job of coaches.

While some coaches believe in the tough-love effect, others praise players to help them feel capable of putting on a stellar performance.

While coaches do differ in their approach, and with varying outcomes in terms of efficiency, a passive coach is something to look out for. Passive coaches generally get poor results because of a lack of motivation either way.

Whether a coach is a true disciplinarian or not, if he remains closely involved with is players, those players will be bound to do better.

From a punter’s point of view, it is important to be aware of the coach and his ability as far as motivation goes. Always bet against passive coaches, and in favour of those who are true motivators, i.e., those coaches that have the ability to build their players ahead of big games.

The Thing About Revenge

Revenge is commonplace in any sport, and the NFL is no exception.

Teams often remember humiliating losses for a very long time – even spanning several seasons. A team humiliated will often focus intensely on building up its strength with the hope of turning the tables on their opponents.

In fact, this situation happens repeatedly within the NFL, and it is important that punters be aware of the strength so often found by a team-done-wrong.

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