An Introduction to Enchanted Online Casino Slot

Enchanted slot game is a five reel game with thirty pay lines. The game has a fairy tale theme. All the action takes place against a background of a lush green forest, and you see all the familiar fairy tale people, like wizards, ogres, trolls and elves and fairies. Enchanted slot game is done in 3D, so the quality and depth of the graphics and imagery in this Betsoft slot game is top class. There are also Betsoft’s amusing incidental animations that give additional interest.

The game even begins with an animated sequence that introduces you to all the main characters of the game, and displays images of the forest, like houses built into trees and giant toadstools.

The main object of the Enchanted slot game is to match identical symbols across the pay lines, reading from left to right. You will need to hit at least three of most of the symbols, like rings or crystal balls or owls in order to win a prize.

Big Prizes Offered by the High Value Symbols

The game’s highest value symbols offer the biggest prizes. The Elf, the Angel, the Ogre and the Wizard will pay prizes for matching two of a kind, but if you land on five of any of these symbols you will earn a huge reward. In fact, if you land on five of the Wizard symbol while wagering the maximum amount, you can win one of the largest prizes offered on any Betsoft slot game.

Like offers at, there are a number of special features offered in the Enchanted slot game. First is the Tinkering Door bonus game, which is activated by finding three Golden Keys on the fifth reel. The interesting feature of this bonus round is that you do not have to get the three keys on the same spin. The game keeps track of the keys you have won, and the bonus game will kick in after you receive the third key. A number of locks appear on the reels, and you can choose to open three of them, which will reveal hidden prizes.

Next bonus game in Enchanted slot game is the Crazy Hat’s Crazy reels game. This is triggered when you land on two or more crazy hat symbols. This bonus round begins by turning the crazy hats into Wild symbols, which may trigger extra chances of winning combinations. The game also gives you another chance at winning by activating three respins on more of the reels, changing the combinations and giving you extra chances at prizes.

A Lucrative Free Spins Bonus Round

The Free spins bonus round is triggered by landing on three or more of the book of spells symbols on an active pay line. You will be given some free spins at once, but in addition there will be a special Enchanted symbol added to the third reel. If this special symbol stops in the middle of that reel you will be awarded extra free spins.

The last bonus round is activated by finding both the Angel and the Ogre adjacent to each other on any active pay line. You help the Angel recover her bird which has been stolen by the Ogre. If you find the bird you win a huge number of credits. The Enchanted slot game offers some really big prizes, bigger than usually.

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