All The Best Sports To Bet On

Over recent years, sports betting is an industry that has grown beyond our wildest imaginations.

Today, there’s no shortage of options regarding what to bet on, which apps to use, and even how to make the most out of promos offered by the bookmakers.

But despite the enormous array of options, there will always be a few favourites. Below are just some of the best sports to bet on.


In the US, football is the most popular sport by far – and this goes also for betting.

While Europe and the rest of the world have their own version of football (soccer), bettors far and wide simply love to bet on the annual Super Bowl.

NFL betting creates many different opportunities to place a wager, and bettors simply love being able to live the game.


Globally, in terms of popularity, no other sport beats soccer.

This is why it should come as no surprise that soccer belongs on a list such as this. Today, soccer beats even horse racing to the top of the betting ladder, with over £1 million wagered annually on the sport in the UK alone.

Part of soccer betting’s rise to the top is the celebrity-style popularity of the players. Also, its widely broadcast, and date for betting is regularly updated.

Horse Racing

Horse racing has been part of the global betting scene for a very long time.

It remains a world-wide sports betting favourite, and a sport that is home to some of the cash-richest events on the planet.

Currently, wagers placed on horse racing run into the hundreds of billions every year. The biggest supporting markets include Japan, Australia, the UK, and New Zealand.


Golf is another popular option for bettors all over the world.

Most big golfing events are played over the course of 3 or 4 days, which makes it fun and engaging to follow and wager on.

Also, with so many competitions being played regularly, there’s never any shortage of golfing action to wager on.


With over dozen tennis markets to bet on, it’s no surprise that the sport has become so popular among punters.

Punters get to bet not only on the final result of the match, but also on a variety of other aspects and outcomes.

Since tennis is played by two individual players, this makes it easy for bettors to conduct their research in a much more targeted way. Also, the sport is easy to understand from a spectator’s point of view.


With more than 30 countries now playing rugby around the world, the sport has naturally grown into a favourite for bettors.

There’s much to bet on, including the Rugby World Cup, the Six Nations, and the Champion’s Cup.


Boxing too, has been synonymous with sports betting for many years.

What makes the sport so exceptionally popular is the intensity and emotion involved. Games are typically full of hype even by the boxers themselves.

And since boxing, too, is a sport for two competitors only, punters are able keep track of everything from injuries to fitness.

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