A Guide To Understanding Craps Lingo

Craps is an exciting game to play. This is evident from the fact that it isn’t hard to spot Craps players at the casino: simply follow the sound of laughter and people having fun.

Even so, the game can be intimidating to a new player, and its terminology can even sound like an altogether different language to the untrained ear. But the truth is, Craps is a game that looks a great deal more complicated than what it is.

Also, it’s a game that is easy to learn and to play. And to help you get started, we’ve compiled a guide to understanding the lingo of one of the most popular games on the casino floor.

The Layout

When just starting out, it’s helpful to know that the felt covering on the Craps table clearly displays all the possible bets.

On the outer edges of the table are bets like “don’t pass”, “come”, “make pass”, “don’t come” and regular field bets. Players may place their own chips when making any of these bets.

On the center-section of the table, there are sections for place numbers, and in order to make a bet in this section, players must slide their chips toward the dealer and indicate how they would like their bets to be placed.

The Shooter

The shooter is the player who is rolling the dice at any given time. Craps is a group-game, and as such, all the other players participating in the game are betting on the role of the dice of the shooter.

Once the first shooter has rolled the dice, it will be offered to the player on the left. It is important to note that a player can decline the chance to shoot.

Once the dice has been accepted, the shooter must bet on the pass line.


Roll refers ether to a single roll of a pair of dice, or to a series of rolls. Each time the dice is thrown by the shooter, a roll has taken place. Players can either choose to bet for or against the shooter.


This term refers to the first in a sequence of rolls – and will lead to a decision on “pass” and “don’t pass” bets.


Once the shooter has made a point, the dice are said to pass. Whenever this happens, all those players with bets on the “pass line” will win.

Don’t Pass

The “don’t pass” bet is very close to the opposite of the pass bet.

During the comeout roll, the numbers 7 and 11 are losing rolls for those who bet on “don’t pass, and the numbers 2 and 3 are winning ones.


This type of craps bet works in a similar way to the pass bet – with the only difference that it’s made at a different point.

Don’t Come

The “come” bet, meanwhile, works in the same way as the “don’t pass” bet. The only difference between the two is that the “don’t come” bet are made on rolls that aren’t comeouts for “pass” or “don’t pass” bets.

Since there are fewer players typically betting on “don’t come” than on “come”, you will notice the area for this bet to be smaller than the rest.

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