A Guide To Improving Muscle Repair Rate

No matter what kind of exercise an athlete takes part in, the idea behind the activity is to try and work the muscles as much as possible. This process involves damaging the muscle to a certain extent, allowing it to repair itself and become stronger over time. It’s a time-consuming method that does eventually show positive results, although for some athletes, the lengthy recovery times can become a little unbearable. Fortunately, there are some methods, backed by science, that can speed up the time it takes to repair muscle.


Sleep is the most important regenerative process our body undergoes, and it’s vitally important for allowing the body to repair any damage to the muscles. Most doctors and health experts agree that the average person needs around 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night. Getting adequate rest should be the very first step a person takes to speeding up muscle repair.


While it should come as no surprise, hydration is almost as important as sleep when it comes to fixing any muscular damage. There is no single accepted theory on how much water a person should drink in a day, and most doctors will recommend drinking water whenever a person feels hungry. Those that find that they exercise fairly frequently will need to drink a few litres every day in order to keep their bodies properly hydrated.

Protein Shakes

Science has proven that consuming protein shakes on a daily basis can have extremely good results on muscle repair, and it’s best to have the shake either right before or right after a session of exercise while relaxing on the couch and selecting Cricket World Cup odds. Nutritionists recommend a protein shake that has a ratio of 2:1 in terms of carbs to protein.


For those workouts that put a particular strain on the muscles, doctors recommend taking an aspirin to cut down on the pain and discomfort. In fact, not only do they relieve the pain of a worked muscle, but they do, in fact, lessen the time needed for the muscle to fix itself. It should be noted that doctors do not recommend taking aspirin every day as they can cause long term damage.


Stretching should become a part of everyone’s workouts, as stretching allows the muscles to move out to their full elasticity. Not only does this provide for a better overall workout, but it lessens the stress on the muscles when they’re pushed beyond their limits. Stretching is considered important by most professionals and it’s recommended that athletes perform them at least once a day.


Massages aren’t just there to help an athlete relax, they can also be a powerful tool in the battle against sore and aching muscles. A good massage should come from a professional masseuse that has a number of years of experience.

High Protein Food

Protein is required by the body to fix muscular damage, but the body cannot synthesize all of the necessary proteins on its own. The athlete needs to ensure that they partake in a diet with a high protein content.

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